Call for Proposals
We invite psychologists, psychotherapists, philosophers, educators, artists and other specialists to prepare lectures, presentations, workshops and discussions on the following questions:

- What do we mean by the word "spirituality"?
- Do spirituality and religiosity differ, and if so how ?
- The significance of spirituality in psychology and psychotherapy?
- Does spirituality influence creative thinking, and if so how?
- Does creative thinking and activity promote spirituality, and if so how?
- The spiritual and the material - the same or opposites;
- Spirituality and modern science;
- The interconnection between spirituality and creativity;
- Scientific research on creativity;
- Creativity in altered states of consciousness and everyday life;
- Factors promoting and inhibiting creativity;
- Manifestations of creativity from antiquity to the present day;
- The economic or spiritual crisis?

Lecture and presentation criteria:
- An approach compatible with the science of psychology;
- creative and dynamic presentations;
- Inclusion of empirical evidence.