Information for travellers

How to get to Baltic Beach Hotel from the Riga Airport or the Riga Central Railway Station, for those who did not order a transfer from the airport, offered on the Baltic Beach Hotel reservation form:

Option #1 - Take a taxi from the airport. It will cost you about 20 LVL (30 EURO). Tell the driver before you leave the airport that you are not going to pay more. Be careful! They will try to get more.

Option #2 - From the Riga Airport, cross the parking lot to the city bus stop. Look for Bus 22, the only city bus there, which leaves every 20 minutes. Buy your ticket from the driver. It costs 70 santims (1 Euro). The bus ride takes about 30 minutes. Get off the bus at the Central Railway Station in Riga. It is the second bus stop after you cross the bridge over the Daugava River. Walk about 100 metres, cross the street through the underground tunnel, and enter the Central Railway Station. Buy a one-way ticket to Majori in the railway station. It costs 95 santims (1,4 Euros) and is valid for the whole day. Take the local train going to Sloka, Tukums1, Tukums2 or Kemeri. About 2-3 trains leave every hour. The Majori  Station is about 30 minutes from Riga. Depart the train at the Majori Station and ask for directions to the Baltic Beach Hotel. It is a 5-7 minute walk from the station.

Currency Exchange
You can change currency in the airport, but you will not get the best Exchange rate. You can find several Exchange places in Riga or Majori. If you take a bus and train, you will need only about 2,5 Euros. So, if you arrive during the daytime, you can exchange money for 5 Euros there and find another Exchange place, e.g. in Riga Central Railway Station. Usually it has a better Exchange rate.

1 Euro is about 70 santims or 0,7 Latvian Lats (LVL)

Have a good trip!

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